2017 C6 Netball Registration

Netball competition for players with a disability. For females only, 14 years and over.

For all the competition information go to: www.inclusivesportsa.com.au/netball

Players must be registered with Inclusive Sport SA to participate. Please read through and complete the form below.

Preseason netball event – This will be a chance to bring your friends, play netball, learn skills and have fun. More details to come.

Registration for C6 Division Netball

***Players who played in 2016 will be given priority to play with the team they played for in 2016.  New players and players wanting to move clubs will be placed in their preferred team where possible, however this cannot be guaranteed.***

To register, please fill in the form below:

What club do you wish to play for in 2017?:
ContaxCentral District (Harlequin)MatricsNewton JaguarsSemaphoreWoods Panthers