Strategic Planning Process

In 2015, Inclusive Sport SA established a five-year rolling strategic plan. This structure focuses on where the organisation would like to be in five years and what do we have to achieve in 12 months and two years to reach this vision. Every 12 months, the organisation re-evaluates the five-year vision taking into consideration changes to the business environment (both internally and externally). This evaluation process will engage with staff, Directors, stakeholders and members.



Building an inclusive community through sport and recreation



We Believe:

  • Sport and recreation creates meaningful community relationships
  • Community inclusion is more than participation
  • Every individual has a role to play in sport and recreation

We Will:

  • Place the person first and respect their choice
  • Encourage progression through chosen pathways
  • Educate and support the sport and recreation community
  • Work within the structure of Australian sport


Strategic Priorities

  • Professionally market the organisation
  • Link to and support best practice in inclusion
  • Support people who are disadvantaged, disengaged or marginalised
  • Develop and foster strong partnerships
  • Develop sustainable revenue streams


2017-2018 Key Targets

  • Inclusion and Diversity in Sport Conference
  • Consolidation of the Rapidswim Program
  • Financial Security beyond Current Funding
  • Consolidate the Supported Sport Programs


2017-2018  Vision
Inclusive Sport SA to take on a leading role in the discussion of inclusion and diversity in sport and recreation
Identify and share stories of inclusion through sport and recreation
Increase the number of attendees to the IDS Conference in 2018
Identify and implement changes to the structure of Rapidswim to ensure sustainability
Work within the education sector to support best practice in inclusion and diversity in sport and recreation
Ensure the organisation engages our participants and their families to help guide our decision making
Create process and structure for sport and recreation to help in the sustainable delivery of supported sports