In 1981, a feasibility study was carried out by the State Department of Recreation and Sport regarding how South Australian people with an intellectual disability were represented or included in community sport, recreation and leisure activities. The result of this study was the formation of the Sport and Recreation Association of Intellectually Disabled Persons Incorporated (SRAIDP). SRAIDP was to address the outcomes of this study and to ensure the inclusion of people with an intellectual disability into valued community leisure activities.

Marie Little OAM was elected inaugural President of SRAIDP in 1982 and up until 1987 the Association was dependent on the voluntary work of the Management Committee members. Support, in kind, was also received from IDSC (Intellectual Disability Services Council) now known as Disability SA, and the Department of Recreation and Sport, to enable appropriate programs to be established within the seasonal activities of mainstream leisure bodies.

In 1990, the Association’s name was changed to the South Australian Sport and Recreation Association for People with Integration Difficulties Incorporated (SASRAPID) to cater for the needs of all people with an integration difficulty.

In 2012, SASRAPID underwent a name change to formally adopt their acronym and become ‘Sasrapid Incorporated’.

More recently, Sasrapid established that the barriers faced by people living with a disability to become included in their local sports club are very similar, if not the same, for many other marginalised, disadvantaged or disengaged groups such as new arrivals and CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse) groups. With this is mind, Sasrapid has moved forward focusing on these new audiences alongside people living with disability.

Our new direction and purpose of the organisation is “Building a culture of inclusion in sport and recreation” for people in South Australia.

Together with this new purpose came the renaming of the organisation to ensure a strong representation of who we are. In August 2014 Sasrapid transitioned into “Inclusive Sport SA”.