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Our Team

Executive Team

Image of John Cranwell

John Cranwell


John has been the Chief Executive Officer of Inclusive Sport SA for 9 years and has a strong passion for inclusion in sport and recreation. He is driven to build a culture in sport and recreation that welcomes all individuals, regardless of difference, so that all can feel part of a larger community.
Image of Katrina Ranford

Katrina Ranford


Katrina Ranford brings over 25 years of experience, and a wide range of skills and relationships from diverse industries in sales, marketing, communication/media, community development and sport management. With a degree in Public Relations and more than 8 years in the SA Sport sector, Katrina has successfully delivered on whole of sport strategy, new sport products, inclusion projects, social media campaigns, training, media and large-scale events.

Image of Bianca Dubois

Bianca Dubois


A talented Behaviour Therapist, Bianca has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with Post-Graduate Qualifications in Disability Studies from Flinders University. She currently oversees the Behaviour Support SA team, previously working within our organisation as the Rapidswim Manager, combining expertise, empathy and experience to develop successful services for people living with disability and help individuals and families reach their full potential.


Image of Brigitte Neubauer-Cooke

Brigitte Neubauer-Cooke


Brigitte has worked in the Disability Sector for 8 years, previously owning a retail-bedding store with her husband and spending 15 years in the legal field. With a teenage son heavily involved in sport, and a love of being active and outdoors, Brigitte understands the importance of sport and the community and friendships it builds.
Image of Amanda Sabatino

Amanda Sabatino


With a background in accounts and a drive to make a difference, Amanda has spent numerous years working in the Community Services sector supporting families accessing NDIS funding and services. As a mother of two girls involved in a range of activities, she understands the significance of and joy that participation in sport and recreation brings.

Image of Jose Rabet

Jose Rabet


Jose is a sport administration professional with a background in Marketing and Communications working across social media, large-scale events, projects and web management. She is passionate about the importance of grassroots sport participation and the significance of ensuring healthy, happy and thriving local communities.


Image of Ben Steer

Ben Steer


Ben is a lifelong sport enthusiast who is passionate about the positive impact of physical fitness and social interaction on a person’s well being. A qualified engineer, Ben made a career change working as an Educational Support Officer at a Specialist Education School prior to joining the Inclusive Sport SA team.

Behaviour Support SA

Image of Esther Bechara

Esther Bechara


Esther has a background in psychology and counselling, with experience across Applied Behavioural Analysis, Functional Behavioural Assessment, Positive Behaviour Support and Rehabilitation Counselling. She is passionate about providing education and support for clients, their families, and teachers, to empower individuals to achieve their social, emotional and physical goals.
Image of Tamsin Petzer

Tamsin Petzer


Tamsin has a background in the special education and disability field within early intervention for children with Autism and Global Developmental Delay and experience with behaviours of concern (BOC), Functional Behaviour Assessment and Positive Behaviour Support. She is passionate about ensuring a person and family-centred approach to achieve participant goals and the importance of mental health to a person’s wellbeing.

Image of Jessica Howe

Jessica Howe


Jessica has a background in psychology with experience in Functional Behavioural Analysis, Positive Behaviour Support and is currently completing her PhD in Clinical Psychology at Flinders University. She is passionate about working alongside individuals and their carers to support inclusion within their communities and reach their goals.
Image of Nick Dunn

Nick Dunn


Nick has Masters’ Degrees in Counselling & Psychotherapy as well as in Primary School Teaching. He has worked with children with ADHD and ASD in both school and counselling settings, including four years as a counsellor at a Summer Camp in California. Nick is passionate about empowering people to achieve their desired goals and using mindfulness and expressive strategies.

Image of Denise Aistrope

Denise Aistrope


Denise has a background in psychology and counselling and is currently undertaking her Honours in Psychology at Flinders University. She specialises in designing, writing and delivering programs for people with autism and is a passionate advocate for self-determination and autonomy guided by the experiences and lives of her two adult sons who are on the autism spectrum.

Image of Caitlin Doyle

Caitlin Doyle


Caitlin has a diverse professional background with experience across both the legal and science sectors as well as recently completing her Honours in Psychological Science at Flinders University. She is passionate about utilising best practice and tailored support strategies to ensure that individuals and their caregivers achieve meaningful outcomes and accomplish their chosen goals.

Image of Abbey Fraser

Abbey Fraser


Abbey holds a Bachelor degree in Psychological Science (Counselling and Interpersonal Skills) and is currently completing her Graduate Certificate in Positive Behaviour Support at Flinders University. She has a background working with participants with disability and mental health challenges with a passion for fostering empowerment and increasing quality of life through person centered practice in a fun and safe environment.

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