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Connected Communities Grants Program

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Active Inclusion (AI) is committed to unearthing strong inclusive cultures and improving local engagement approaches so that organisations are empowered to identify and realise the full potential of their vibrant and diverse communities.

The Connected Communities will empower our communities to be strong and resilient by:

  • Quality partnerships. Partnering with forward thinking organisations to deliver quality inclusive outcomes.
  • Harnessing innovation and creativity to improve and activate local community participation.
  • Collective Outcomes. Starting with high aspirations and setting expectations to achieve positive collective outcomes.
  • Real Connections. Connecting and sharing knowledge that promotes wellbeing and a sense of community belonging.
  • Discovering tomorrow’s leaders. Motivating individuals to become leaders of inclusive practices for more effective stakeholder relationships.
  • Support and Guidance: Supporting organisations to enhance opportunities for individuals to adopt inclusion best practice.

Grant Categories

The following Grant Categories are available each Round:

Training – 2x Active Inclusion Training course to the value of $3000 each (approx. 2-3 hr training & 6hr pre work each).

Complimentary in-house Active Inclusion Training session (from a range of capacity development modules) to help organisations/community groups build capacity and confidence in their staff/volunteers.

Consulting – 1 x Consulting Service/Project Collaboration to the value $5000 (approx. 28hrs total AI consultant)

Complimentary consulting expertise or project services that promotes active community collaboration, social connection, inclusion and access; and or increases participation opportunities in mainstream programs for marginalised groups.

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Successful assessment of applications may prioritise, but is not limited to supporting vulnerable, marginalised or high need communities. However, AI welcomes applications from all organisations (Not for Profit and For Profit) across South Australia that have strong ties to their local communities.

Grant Application Open Dates

Round 1 October 2020 – Recipients announced here.
2 x Training course to the value $3000 each
1 x Consulting/Project Collaboration to the value $5000

Round 2 March 2021

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Learn More About Active Inclusion

Content, training and information from across industries for reference.

Offering assistance in developing socially inclusive best practices for organisations/clubs/community groups.

A series of half day workshops focused on addressing specific topics and challenges relevant to the sport and recreation sector.

Two women stand at a white board in a office meeting room. One woman is pointing to something on the board in front of them.

Current projects, collaboration opportunities and initiatives.