Connected Communities Grants and Partnerships Program

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Active Inclusion (AI) is committed to unearthing strong inclusive cultures and improving local engagement approaches so that organisations are empowered to identify and realise the full potential of their vibrant and diverse communities.

Driven by effective participation strategies and nimble collaborations, Connected Communities will empower our communities to be strong and resilient by:

  • Partnering with community organisations to deliver shared outcomes.
  • Supporting organisations to enhance opportunities for individuals to adopt inclusion best practice.
  • Harnessing of innovation to improve and activate local community participation.
  • Setting expectations and having high aspirations to achieve positive collective outcomes.
  • Connecting and sharing knowledge that promotes wellbeing and a sense of community belonging.
  • Motivating individuals to become leaders of inclusive practices for more effective stakeholder relationships.

Grant Program Streams

The Connected Communities Grants and Partnerships Program supports community connection, social inclusion, and access and participation through the following Connected Communities grant streams:

  • Open
  • Sport & Recreation
  • Small locally owned businesses
  • Community, wellbeing & innovation
  • Education & Adaption
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To be eligible for the Connected Communities Grants, an organisation must be registered for GST, based in South Australia and be a:

  • Not for profit organisations (including sporting organisations)
  • School or education provider
  • Small locally South Australian owned business (less than 6 FTE staff)
  • Small or regional Local Government (less than 6 FTE staff)
  • Community Service provider

Grant Application Open Dates

Round 1 October 2020
2 x Training course to the value $2000 each
1 x Consulting/Project Collaboration to the value $5000

Round 2 March 2021
2 x Training course to the value $2000 each
1 x Consulting/Project Collaboration to the value $5000

More information coming soon!

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‘To collaborate and promote the representation, quality of resources and other issues that impact people living with disability and their participation in sport and recreation community life that is reflective of the needs and wants of those it is serving.’

The Participant Advisory Group (PAG) aims to foster better representation and a collaborative voice of people living with disability.

The Group is comprised of six members with lived perspectives and experiences affecting people living with disability from the sport and recreation community in South Australia, with the aim to provide the necessary viewpoint and insight that is reflective of the needs and wants of those it is serving.

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PAG Membership and Composition

The Participant Advisory Group is comprise of up to six Inclusive Sport SA Members, including a Chairperson. No more than two members can be representatives or family members. If a member requires a support person or interpreter, this person may take notes on the member’s behalf and may act as their sounding board, however their role does not extend further than that. For more information see the PAG Terms of Reference HERE.

One or more Inclusive Sport SA staff members will attend all meetings, and is not included in the composition of the Group (ex-officio).

The Inclusive Sport SA Participant Advisory Group will comprise of six positions including:

  • Inclusive Sport SA Participant members living with disability.
  • No more than 2 committee members as representatives/ family members of people living with disability.
  • An elected Chairperson

Meet our Participant Advisory Group HERE.

How to Submit an Agenda Item to the PAG

If you wish to put an item before the Participant Advisory Group an Agenda Item Submission Form must be completed at least twelve (12) days prior to the scheduled meeting. Forms may be submitted by State Sporting Organisations, sports clubs, recreation centers and individuals. A copy of the form can be downloaded HERE.

How to Apply

Nominations for a role on the Participant Advisory Group will be either a one or two year term. Vacant roles will be called for via Inclusive Sport SA communication channels when available.

If you are not currently a registered active/participating member of Inclusive Sport SA you will need to complete the Membership Application Form prior to joining the PAG.

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