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Two New Practitioners Join the BSSA Team

Inclusive Sport SA is pleased to introduce two new staff members who have joined the Behaviour Support SA (BSSA) team, Caitlin Doyle and Abbey Fraser.

Caitlin and Abbey join the BSSA department delivering Positive Behaviour Support services alongside Team Leaders Esther Bechara, Tamsin Petzer and practitioners Jessica Howe, Nick Dunn and Denise Aistrope under the guidance of Clinical Lead, Bianca Dubois.

Caitlin Doyle

Caitlin has a diverse professional background with experience across both the legal and science sectors as well as recently completing her Honours in Psychological Science at Flinders University. She is passionate about utilising best practise and tailored support strategies to ensure that individuals and their caregivers achieve meaningful outcomes and accomplish their chosen goals.

Outside of work, Caitlin enjoys running and keeping abreast of Australian and US Politics.

Abbey Fraser

Abbey holds a Bachelor degree in Psychological Science (Counselling and Interpersonal Skills) and is currently completing her Graduate Certificate in Positive Behaviour Support at Flinders University. She has a background working with participants with disability and mental health challenges with a passion for fostering empowerment and increasing quality of life through person centered practice in a fun and safe environment.

When she’s not at work, Abbey enjoys spending time at the river, camping and exploring outdoors with her two dogs Dennis and Hugo.

“The Behaviour Support SA team continue to deliver outstanding person centred services for our clients as we see enquiries and referrals growing,” said General Manager, Katrina Ranford.

“With this is mind, we are pleased to once again be in the position to expand our staff to meet the increase in demand of PBS services with the addition of Caitlin and Abbey to the team.”

 “Both practitioners bring specialised knowledge and experience to the team providing further insight and understanding to our diverse team of clinical expertise,” said Clinical Lead, Bianca Dubois.

If you would like to learn more about Behaviour Support SA and the services they offer, please see here.

To get in touch with the BSSA team about accessing services please call 08 8122 6733 or email