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Talk It Out

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What is Talk It Out?

Talk it Out is an innovative new service offered by Behaviour Support SA where our registered behaviour practitioners will talk through your concerns and offer practical tips to help you analyse behaviours and ways to manage them. We are here to offer support so you can continue to provide the best level of care for the person(s) you support.

We understand the close bond individuals share with their primary caregiver, whether that is as a parent, grandparent, foster carer or support worker and acknowledge that your well being is incredibly vital to the happiness and success of the loved ones you support.

The well being and confidence of direct caregivers is crucial for successful behaviour support, with one of the main needs described by caregivers – is feeling supported themselves.

Talk it Out is here to do just that with the Behaviour Support SA team available to listen, offer support and build your capacity to deal with certain behaviours, how they impact your life and solutions to suit your individual and family circumstances.

For more information download a copy of our Talk It Out Flyer.

How Is This Service Delivered?

Our Behaviour Support SA practitioners can deliver this service in variety of ways depending on what suits you best. Communication options include:

  • Face to Face sessions
  • Phone Call
  • Video Conference Call
  • Email

Talk It Out Therapy Costing

As per the NDIS Price Guide. Funding is required in either:

  • Capacity Building – Improved Relationships
  • Capacity Building – Improved Daily Living

Travel costs may apply. 

Get in Contact

For more information or to register for our Positive Behaviour Support program please contact our BSSA team HERE or call 08 8122 6733.

*BSSA is a program of registered NDIA Behaviour Support Provider Inclusive Sport SA and able to provide support under Specialised CB Relationships.

Learn More About Behaviour Support SA

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Further information and guidance compiled by our team for individuals, families and caregivers.

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